02 April 2008 Ellesmere Island, NU A curious wolf sniffs the air as she prowls around behind the military outpost at Eureka, Nunavut. Wolves are frequently seen when the post is occupied, as it is now for OP NUNALIVUT 08. OP NUNALIVUT 08 is one of three major sovereignty operations conducted each year by the Canadian Forces in Canada's North. The primary intent of this operation is to project Canadian sovereignty in the High Arctic through a Canadian Forces patrol presence. In addition to projecting sovereignty in this remote region of Canada, this year's operation will assist International Polar Year (IPY) scientists as they conduct research on the Ellesmere Island ice shelf. The patrols, conducted by the 1st Canadian Patrol Group (1 CRPG), will guide, shelter and assist the scientists as they carry out their work. The Canadian Rangers are skilled Reserve members of the CF. They are experienced in Arctic survival and are deployed almost every time the CF operates on the land in the North. They act as guides, experts on the land, and provide predator control. The Canadian Rangers are a major contributor to the training and effectiveness of the military in the North. Photo by: MCpl Kevin Paul, Canadian Forces Combat Camera