It doesn't look as nice as it did when we lived in it. The pine trees in the back are gone and so is one of the maple trees. They didn't even bother to remove the stump let alone plant a new one. I know how nice it looked because I had to help take care of it. The only saving grace is it is a brick house. When my father bought it is was just the front lot with a little green shingled house at the top of the hill. He bought the lot behind it, dug out the basement, added what we called the upper living room (big picture window area), bricked it and added a sunken patio that you don't see. It became a four bedroom two bath home. In the back is a basketball court which tripled as a iceskating rink in the winter and a baseball diamond in the summer. The side yard that you see was our so called football field. All the kids in the neighbor hood came over to play. Our neighborhood was quite interesting. If you follow pro basketball then these names that I am about to drop will be familar. Down the hill were I took this photo lived Tom Chambers. At one time I was taller than Tommy Chambers (that's what we called him when we were kids) Around the block lived Dick Motta. Down the hill that is around the bend that you don't see lived Phil Johnson. I almost forgot Race Car Driver "The Bad Hombre" (Dragster) on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Jackie Harris who lived next to Tom Chambers. That was my neighborhood.